Paleo Challenge Day 2

Well today was a very good eating day, but not an amazing crossfit day.

The morning started off well with me waking up early to make a couple of scrambled eggs with some leftover chicken and some sun dried tomatoes. They were great!

For lunch I had the left over fajitas and guacamole and tons of water. The gym keeps stressing the amount of water we need and they are right. For snacks throughout the day I has a pecan pie larabar (which I need to just make at home instead of paying for them), carbonated water with lemon, a cucumber and some pepitas.

Dinner tonight will be a nice roast cooked all day with onions, sweet potatoes and carrots with a side salad to get in some extra veggies.

Now for the not so good…crossfit today was a killer. The warm up was good, but the WoD was repetitive and taxing…150 wall balls with 20 lbs Rx for guys. I, unfortunately, only finished around 130 at 14lbs in 10min 40 seconds and I was second to last. Not sure why I didn’t keep going. Probably just didn’t want to be last and wanted to lie down! Must do better next time and no more giving up!


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