Paleo Challenge Day 5

Well today has been a very long day and it isn’t close to being over. It was supposed to be a quick 10 hours at work followed be an off day tomorrow; however, it turned into 11 hours at work and having to work more tomorrow. Oh well…gotta do what I gotta do. Now though, I am anxiously awaiting a screening of Zero Dark Thirty. Can’t Wait!

Woke up with plenty of time for breakfast and had 2 eggs over medium just like yesterday since it worked out soooo well. My morning snack was the same as yesterday too: 4 spears of celery with almond butter – yum! Lunch was some good shredded chicken lettuce cup left overs with a good helping of guacamole for added veggies and flavor. With all the work I got very hungry in the afternoon and ended up having: a cucumber, 2 paleo cookies and a chocolate chip cookie dough larabar.
Sitting here in the theater I am definitely being tempted by the popcorn and soda. But instead I packed some nuts and pumpkin seeds and have some hot, caffeine-free tea. Just as good…kinda. Dinner will be late tonight but hopefully I will make some chicken salad with the homemade mayo, shredded chicken, sundried tomatoes, green onion, cilantro and avocado.
Tomorrow is going to be another LONG day. Going to try and squeeze in a crossfit workout at 6am if I can get up in time!


One thought on “Paleo Challenge Day 5

  1. keep up the hard work! try incorporating bulletproof exec coffee and ice cream everyday and you’ll lose all your cravings in a week. just happened to me. really weird.

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