Paleo Challenge Day 6

Well today was a crazy crazy day. It started off with an insane workout at 6am while it was still in the mid 30s out. Today was the 1/2 Murph. So…800 meter run, 50 pull ups, 100 push ups, 150 squats and then another 800 meter run. It was intense. I thought I was smart when I decided to wear cold weather running gear and felt nice and warm during the run…however I quickly wished I had layers to remove once we got back inside for the non-running parts. It took me 29:45 to complete but the pull ups weren’t quite all there. They started out strict, then band assisted…then jumping and finally drop ring rows…oh well, that will improve with time.
With all that working out so early in the morning I didn’t have time for a real breakfast so as soon as I got to work I had a larabar and some nuts. Then, lunch was leftover chicken again with the rest of the guacamole. Didn’t feel like making the chicken salad last night so the leftovers were dinner last night also….I’ll be glad when they’re gone! Dinner was a cheat meal. In order to convince my husband to do this diet I had to allow one cheat meal a week – so 100% paleo, 95% of the time. Dinner included zucchini chips, a few glasses of white wine, chicken wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with cheese over kale with some roasted potatoes. So – mostly paleo with a few cheats thrown in.


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