Paleo Challenge Day 9

Well Happy Monday! Today was a great day although I haven’t been sleeping well the past few nights. Here’s hoping tonight will be a different story. I have been caffeine free for 10 days now and am feeling great.
Breakfast this morning waited until I arrived at work it included 3 pumpkin pancakes. A few hours later I was ready for my morning snack of an Apple Pie Larabar. I bought quite a few dates the other day and really need to find time to make my own bars.
I didn’t have any dinner leftovers last night, so lunch was from the cafeteria. They don’t have the healthiest of food so I ended up with a big salad. It had: lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, red and green bell pepper, carrots, chicken and lemon for the dressing.
After work came the first workout of the week. It was 5 rounds of: 5 dead lifts and 10 jump over bar burpies. I did … okay. The prescribed weights for the dead lifts were 185 and 275 for women and men. I, however, only did 125 in 8:47 and the last couple sets were…rough. My back was definitely rounded much more than it should have been and I must work on this.
Dinner was AMAZING. We had wild caught sole, lightly brushed with coconut oil, topped with macadamia nuts and orange zest and broiled for roughly 8-9 minutes. Paired with that was zucchini pasta with cherry tomatoes warmed and tossed with homemade pesto. Yum! There was none left…so tomorrow will be another day at the cafe, but oh well.



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