Paleo Challenge Day 11

Well another not so long day at work followed by crazy crossfit. I seem to be waking up every night at around 230 or 330…or both. No fun. And to top of waking up by myself at 230, the dogs got me up at 330 just for good measure.
Breakfast was at work and consisted of a couple paleo pumpkin pancakes followed 2 hours later by my homemade larabars. The nuts were a bit too big and the bars were a little large, other than that it was pretty good. Lunch was leftover grilled chicken with some roasted red pepper and soda water…not bad. Afternoon came and my pre-workout snack was some cashews/almonds and some kale chips.
Then came crossfit.
Today was a 2 parter.
First: 10 Minutes, EMOM – 2 front squats and 1 jerk adding weight each time. I maxed out too early (and too light!) at 115 and finished the last rep at only 95.
Second: 3 rounds – 2 minutes of rowing for calories, 2 minutes of wall balls at 20 lbs and then a 2 minute rest for a total of 18 minutes. I ended up…okay. I got a total score of 149 with 52 of that coming from my wall balls.
Finally, Dinner. Tonight was stuffed bell peppers and my attempt at faux Spanish rice. I tried ricing cauliflower (put in blender, add water, blend and strain) and then using that in a quick rice. I roasted garlic in olive oil, added chopped onion, cauliflower, fresh tomatoes and organic tomato paste. It was alright. A little odd on the consistency, but a decent side.


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