Paleo Challenge Day 12

Well today was a great day! It is finally warming up again and I am loving it. Cannot wait for swimsuit weather…as
long as the crossfit workouts help out.

The day started with breakfast at home – 2 eggs over medium. Then I had another one of my homemade larabars – just as good as the real deal. Lunch was leftovers from last night. I had the cauliflower Mexican “rice” with the stuffing from the bell peppers. Then, mid afternoon before crossfit I had a grilled chicken breast.

Crossfit today was a blast. After a quick jog out warm up was dodgeball. Amazing! We split into 2 teams and there were different colored balls each exhibiting a different punishment including squats, burpies, push-ups or a 200 M jog. Then the actual workout today was 4 rounds: 1 min of double unders, 1 minute of overhead squats (65/95) then a 1 minute rest. I had to modify on both accounts. Instead of double unders I did normal jump rope and instead of overhead squats I did front squats at 65 lbs…should have been heavier. My total points (reps + jumps) was 315. Gotta work on my mobility to do better on overhead squats and need to get better at double unders.

Dinner was amazing. I have never had grass fed ground beef and was surprised at how dense it was. I mixed the meat with nitrate free bacon and made burger patties for the grill. I also grilled up some bell pepper to put on top. I served them up with some asparagus cooked in bacon grease and put lettuce and tomato on the side. I did have a little wine with dinner, so not 100% paleo, but almost.

In other news – I tried to make bread today. The flavor was okay (it was mostly flax meal so it def had a little bit of that taste) but it was just very dense and didn’t rise like normal bread. Need to find a different recipe…



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