Paleo Challenge Day 13

Well happy Friday! Not sore from the past two days of WoDs so maybe I haven’t been pushing myself enough. Must push harder next week.

Breakfast today was 2 scrambled eggs with pesto over a thin slice of the flax bread…it was okay. Then I had my last homemade larabar around 830. I will have to make more.

Lunch today was a leftover stuffed bell pepper with some soda water. Dinner today was eaten out. We went to a nice pizza place downtown (Magpies) and I was definitely temped…but today is not cheat day (that will come tomorrow) so I had a spinach salad with sundried tomatoes, red bell pepper, bacon and chicken. We also got some baked chicken wings without any sauce. After that we went to the bar. Great tip – soda water with lemon and lime is great with or without vodka. And even if you choose no vodka you can still look like you are fitting in.

At 2am everyone got a hunger streak and we ended up at IHOP. Again, I stuck strong and got 2 eggs over medium, 2 slices of bacon and a bowl of fruit.

Looking forward to tomorrow when we are planning on going on a nice hike and maybe a cheat meal as a reward 🙂


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