Paleo Challenge Day 14

Today is a cheat meal day and it is beautiful out so we must take advantage of that. The day started with breakfast – 2 eggs scrambled with sundried tomatoes and pesto. Wonderful.

Then, we got ready and headed out for a great hike. We did the 7-falls loop at sabino canyon, with a lil extra thrown in because I got us lost on the way up. So – after 4ish hours, a little over 9 miles and over 1000 calories burned we were back. As far as the hike we brought along plenty of water, a bottle of coconut water, almonds, cashews, pepitas and figs. They made a great snack and provided plenty of fuel for the road.

After getting home and getting ready for dinner we had a nice snack of organic salami, prosciutto, raw organic cheese (which some may or may not consider paleo) and some red wine.

Dinner was at Olive Garden, not the most paleo place, but hey it was a cheat meal. The meal started with a lil wine tasting and I ended up liking the cab so much I got a glass. My meal was off the lighter food menu. It was a small lasagna stuffed with tons of veggies and grilled chicken. I had that with the salad and one breadstick. So – not awful, but def not paleo. Now – back on the meal plan!


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