Paleo Challenge Day 16

Yes – feels good to be back on the bandwagon and eating great healthy meals.

Still haven’t been sleeping well, but hopefully that will be better tonight. The morning started out well with two eggs over easy. Also – on the way to work I grabbed a large caffeine free green tea. The warm tea definitely helped me wake up.

The mornin progressed with a new homemade larabar. It was very good a better than the last batch. This time I made it with dates, almonds and shredded coconut. Very good!

Since we didn’t have dinner at home last night there were no left overs so lunch today was from the work cafe again: lettuce, bell peppers, cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes and grilled chicken. It was alright. After lunch I got a little hungry around 2 so I had a handful of nuts and a couple kale chips.

Dinner tonight was very good. I did chicken 2 ways. First I marinated some chicken breasts in fresh rosemary, lemon juice, salt and some Italian seasoning. I let that sit for a while and then grilled it up. I also threw some asparagus on the grill. The second dish was a ‘pasta.’ I cut some chicken up and pan fried it with a little coconut oil in a pan. When that was nice and brown I removed it and set it aside. To the same pan I added julienned zucchini and thinly sliced asparagus (I just used the veggie peeler). After that heated up, I added fresh cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, paleo pesto and the cooked chicken in.

Good meals, lots of veggies and feelin great. Ready to get back to crossfit tomorrow.


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