Paleo Challenge Day 17

Another great paleo filled day! Woke up nice and early and made banana pancakes! I cut the recipe in thirds so it was just enough for me. It was: 1 banana, 1 egg, cinnamon, a spoon of flax seed meal and a spoon of almond butter all blended together and cooked nice and slow. Yum!

At work I had my homemade larabar, a chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and red bell pepper, a cucumber, soda water and some nuts. Plenty to keep me going throughout the day.

After work was crossfit! Today’s workout was Nancy. It was 5 rounds: 400 meter run, 15 overhead squats at 65/95 lbs. I did front squats instead of overhead still because of issues with mobility and I did them at 75 lbs – a few pounds more than last week. It took me just under 17 minutes to finish; however, I kinda think we only did 4 rounds….hmmm.

Dinner tonight is in the over and I am VERY excited. Tonight’s meal comes courtesy of The Preppy Paleo. I am making a roasted pork loin with an apple butter glaze covered in bacon (and everything is better with nitrate free bacon) along with a carrot and sweet potato pudding! I may, or may not serve this with a spinach salad depending on how I feel when it is all finished cooking. Also – depending on how much pork we end up eating I may try making some plantains cooked in coconut oil…we’ll see.

Until tomorrow….


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