Paleo Challenge Day 18

Well – sore from yesterday and there is more crossfit today.

The mornin started off well and I got a good night sleep so I can’t complain there. I had 2 eggs scrambled with spinach and roasted red pepper at 5:20 followed by my homemade larabars around 9. Lunch today was a bag of steam-in-bar sweet peas with a grilled chicken breast an more roasted rep pepper.

I didn’t end up having a per-workout snack. Wonder if that would help at all with my energy levels durin the workout because I am getting beat.

Today’s WoD was 5 rounds for time: 50 double unders, 10 pull ups, 50 squats. I ended up modifying and did single unders and after the first round used bands with my pull ups. I feel like I used to be better at pull ups…maybe I need to work more on that and get some good core strength in. I noticed that using the bands my body would be pushed away from the bar as opposed to keeping nice and tight. It took me 24:43 to finish. Then as part of our cool down we did some abs for good measure.

Dinner tonight was the pork and sweet potato/carrot mash leftovers but we took it to the neighbors to let them try some too. The neighbor made some organic green beans with bacon to go along with it. The pork tasted even better today than yesterday. I also tried some paleo banana bread that the neighbor had made – very good.

Here’s hoping my legs still work after all these squats we’ve been doing…


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