Paleo Challenge Day 21

Ah – long Saturday! Got up nice and early and made strawberry breakfast bars. They were soooo good. I used a recipe from What Runs Lori and replaced black berries for strawberries. We ended up going to the movies and then to visit family. That went much later than planned and it was almost 9 before we were ready for dinner (with no lunch or snack between – I was hungry)!

What to do for a late night dinner in Tucson other than Mexican food. I was better this time and got a large carne asada burrito with only meat and cabbage. Then, just opened up the burrito added salsa and cucumber and ate it without the tortilla.

After dinner we headed downtown for the night and I had a cheat drink (vodka + soda water with lemon and lime). After that all drinks for the night were soda water with lemon and lime. Tomorrow is cheat meal day and family will be over for pasta dinner – we’ll see how good I can be while being a little bad.


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