Paleo Challenge Day 23

Yeah for Monday and crossfit!

Breakfast this morning was just a quick retake on the strawberry breakfast bar that I added a little crust to in some coconut oil. Then, I got hungry early and ate an all fruit leather …bar I guess – around 8. Eating my mornin snack this early made me very hungry around lunch time. It was tough but I held out until 1130ish before I had the last of the leftover eggplant lasagna. It was so good and I must make it again. Then, right before leaving for crossfit I had a grilled chicken breast to try and give me a pre-workout boost.

Then, came the fun, leg intensive WoD. After our warm up we had 15 minutes to practice the 3-position snatch. This was nice because I definitely need work on that. After that was the real workout: 50 walking lunges, 20 front squats (workout called for overhead squats but I modified at 75#), 20 mountain climbers per leg, 50 walking lunges, 15 front squats, 15 mountain climbers per leg, 50 walking lunges, 10 front squats, 10 mountain climbers per leg. It was intense and I was definitely shaking towards the end of my 14:22 time.

Dinner tonight is going to be nice and healthy. We are going to have chicken filled with asparagus, spinach, basil and Italian seasoning, rolled up and topped with thin slice of prosciutto. We are pairing that with sautéed kale and a nice salad – hopefully there are plenty of leftovers!



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