Paleo Challenge Day 24

Ah – what a day. It’s only Tuesday and I am already, ready for the weekend. I’ve also been craving burgers and fries and bread…ah – just thinking about it!

Breakfast today was 2 eggs over medium with a slice of the strawberry breakfast bread. Today I made it until 9 before my larabar snack but was still hungry for lunch!

It was quite a big lunch today. I had half a stuffed chicken breast left over from last night along with some shredded chicken w/ pesto, sundried tomatoes and lettuce. It was all very good.

Dinner tonight is going to left over stuffed chicken again but I am also making some sautéed peppers with shallot and mushrooms for a side. Hopefully it turns out well.

Last night for dessert we split a paleo cookie with some mashed bananas I cooked up on the stove with cinnamon, nutmeg and honey. Tonight I’m hoping to try and make some fried smashed plantains…should be good!


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