Paleo Challenge Day 25

Ah – yeah for hump day!  

This morning started off with a nice, big breakfast.  I warmed up the bell pepper, shallot, mushroom, chicken mixture from last night in some coconut oil and then scrambled in 2 eggs.  Yum!  That held me over until 9am when I had 2 pieces of fruit leather: grape and strawberry.  

Lunch today was nothing special: leftover stuffed chicken breast w/ a side salad of organic greens, strawberries, cashews, sun-dried tomatoes with some lemon juice to act as a dressing.  Then, before crossfit I had a little bit of shredded chicken.  

Crossfit today was a blast.  After a quick warmup we had 15 minutes to get our one rep max snatch.  I need to work on getting low under the bar as I’m doing more of a power snatch than a traditional snatch.  My max was 95 pounds.  After that, we had Cindy!  20 Minute AMRAP: 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats.  I got through 9 rounds + the pull ups.  My first 4 rounds were strict pull ups, the next 2 were w/ a thin black band and the last few were with an orange band.  Not too bad.  

I am really looking forward to dinner tonight.  I am making PaleOMG’s Easy Bacon Chicken Bowl!  It looks amazing.  I am pairing this with a side salad of organic greens, avocado, tomato, bell pepper and cucumber.  

I don’t think there will be dessert tonight.  I attempted the fried plantains last night, but they tasted much starchier than sweet.  So – guess I need to look up a recipe next time instead of free-wheeling it!  


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