Paleo Challenge Day 27

Well it’s Friday…but it’s going to be a long Friday! I had to get to work just after 5 so no time for breakfast in the morning. I took a break at around 7 to grab some eggs, bacon and tomatoes with a hot tea because I was hungry!

Lunch today was leftover better butter chicken over organic greens and other lettuce. Then – I had 2 paleo cookies after to satiate my sweet tooth.

Tonight we went out to dinner for my mother-in-laws birthday. It was not a cheat meal and luckily they picked Texas Road House for the meal. I was able to get a 12 oz NY Strip with a garden salad (- cheese, – croutons) with lemon for the dressing and steamed carrots and broccoli for my sides. All on all it was a great meal.

Between going to work early and having the dinner to get to at night there was no time for crossfit. I will need to work some form of workout in this weekend…maybe another hike?


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