Paleo Challenge Day 25

Ah – yeah for hump day!  

This morning started off with a nice, big breakfast.  I warmed up the bell pepper, shallot, mushroom, chicken mixture from last night in some coconut oil and then scrambled in 2 eggs.  Yum!  That held me over until 9am when I had 2 pieces of fruit leather: grape and strawberry.  

Lunch today was nothing special: leftover stuffed chicken breast w/ a side salad of organic greens, strawberries, cashews, sun-dried tomatoes with some lemon juice to act as a dressing.  Then, before crossfit I had a little bit of shredded chicken.  

Crossfit today was a blast.  After a quick warmup we had 15 minutes to get our one rep max snatch.  I need to work on getting low under the bar as I’m doing more of a power snatch than a traditional snatch.  My max was 95 pounds.  After that, we had Cindy!  20 Minute AMRAP: 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats.  I got through 9 rounds + the pull ups.  My first 4 rounds were strict pull ups, the next 2 were w/ a thin black band and the last few were with an orange band.  Not too bad.  

I am really looking forward to dinner tonight.  I am making PaleOMG’s Easy Bacon Chicken Bowl!  It looks amazing.  I am pairing this with a side salad of organic greens, avocado, tomato, bell pepper and cucumber.  

I don’t think there will be dessert tonight.  I attempted the fried plantains last night, but they tasted much starchier than sweet.  So – guess I need to look up a recipe next time instead of free-wheeling it!  


Paleo Challenge Day 24

Ah – what a day. It’s only Tuesday and I am already, ready for the weekend. I’ve also been craving burgers and fries and bread…ah – just thinking about it!

Breakfast today was 2 eggs over medium with a slice of the strawberry breakfast bread. Today I made it until 9 before my larabar snack but was still hungry for lunch!

It was quite a big lunch today. I had half a stuffed chicken breast left over from last night along with some shredded chicken w/ pesto, sundried tomatoes and lettuce. It was all very good.

Dinner tonight is going to left over stuffed chicken again but I am also making some sautéed peppers with shallot and mushrooms for a side. Hopefully it turns out well.

Last night for dessert we split a paleo cookie with some mashed bananas I cooked up on the stove with cinnamon, nutmeg and honey. Tonight I’m hoping to try and make some fried smashed plantains…should be good!

Paleo Challenge Day 23

Yeah for Monday and crossfit!

Breakfast this morning was just a quick retake on the strawberry breakfast bar that I added a little crust to in some coconut oil. Then, I got hungry early and ate an all fruit leather …bar I guess – around 8. Eating my mornin snack this early made me very hungry around lunch time. It was tough but I held out until 1130ish before I had the last of the leftover eggplant lasagna. It was so good and I must make it again. Then, right before leaving for crossfit I had a grilled chicken breast to try and give me a pre-workout boost.

Then, came the fun, leg intensive WoD. After our warm up we had 15 minutes to practice the 3-position snatch. This was nice because I definitely need work on that. After that was the real workout: 50 walking lunges, 20 front squats (workout called for overhead squats but I modified at 75#), 20 mountain climbers per leg, 50 walking lunges, 15 front squats, 15 mountain climbers per leg, 50 walking lunges, 10 front squats, 10 mountain climbers per leg. It was intense and I was definitely shaking towards the end of my 14:22 time.

Dinner tonight is going to be nice and healthy. We are going to have chicken filled with asparagus, spinach, basil and Italian seasoning, rolled up and topped with thin slice of prosciutto. We are pairing that with sautéed kale and a nice salad – hopefully there are plenty of leftovers!


Paleo Challenge Day 22

Well…today was a cheat meal day…

Breakfast was nice and healthy leftovers from yesterday and boy are those paleo breakfast bars good. After one of those with some extra strawberries and a date or two I got ready to go to the grocery store.

Tonight’s meal was going to be a mix of paleo staples and very non paleo items. While cookin I had just a little shredded rotisserie chicken. So glad that Fry’s sells shredded rotisserie chicken. I would much rather pay the extra and save myself the hassle and mess of shredding my own chicken.

Dinner tonight was started with a couple of appetizers. We had bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almonds (of which I had 2) and yellow peppers stuffed with organic raw cheddar cheese and wrapped in bacon (of which I had 1). The main meal was my zucchini pesto “pasta” with realm pasta on the side. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were over and they love…Love…the chipotle penne pasta I make. It was inspired by a meal I had at Restaurante Allegria in Napa. It is a chipotle cream sauce with corn, sundried tomatoes, shredded chicken, basil and nitrate free bacon. We paired that with some great rosé wine. This is probably the biggest cheat I’ve had. After dinner…a small slice of banana creme pie – oh my. I also made some paleo cookies I found on paleOMG – one of my favorite blogs ever! I cooked them a little too long and replaced the sun butter with almond butter but even the non-paleo people in the group liked them.

Looking forward to a fun filled WoD tomorrow!

Paleo Challenge Day 21

Ah – long Saturday! Got up nice and early and made strawberry breakfast bars. They were soooo good. I used a recipe from What Runs Lori and replaced black berries for strawberries. We ended up going to the movies and then to visit family. That went much later than planned and it was almost 9 before we were ready for dinner (with no lunch or snack between – I was hungry)!

What to do for a late night dinner in Tucson other than Mexican food. I was better this time and got a large carne asada burrito with only meat and cabbage. Then, just opened up the burrito added salsa and cucumber and ate it without the tortilla.

After dinner we headed downtown for the night and I had a cheat drink (vodka + soda water with lemon and lime). After that all drinks for the night were soda water with lemon and lime. Tomorrow is cheat meal day and family will be over for pasta dinner – we’ll see how good I can be while being a little bad.

Paleo Challenge Day 20

Yeah for a partial Friday off. I was able to sleep in until the husband had to get up. Then after a quick breakfast of spinach, pesto scrambled eggs I was off I crossfit.

Today’s WoD: 10 minute AMRAP of snatches. After 30 snatches, go up in weight. I did 51 total – 30 at 65 and 21 at 75.

After that I ran to the farmers market and finally home. I had to run to work for a lil over an hour and then headed home to have the final pork roast left overs.

Then, I got I relax for once. While hanging out I made some paleo crackers and cashew cheese. I’m very interested in seeing how the cheese ends up!

Dinner tonight was leftover eggplant lasagna with grilled chicken and kale. We also had a spinach salad with strawberries, blackberries and some strawberry flavored cranberries from the market. We did have a glass of wine with dinner so not 100% paleo but still darn good.

Looking forward to making paleo berry bars for breakfast tomorrow!

Paleo Challenge Day 19

Ah – long day is finally nearing to an end. Got off over an hour late and have to work tomorrow when it should have been off – rough week. Definitely sore from the WoDs the past few days…

Breakfast today was 2 scrambled eggs followed by a key lime pie larabar a few hours later. I have also been having caffeine free green tea almost every morning. It has been great to wake up and have something warm. Lunch today was more leftover pork and sweet potato/carrot mash. Almost done with these leftovers…

Dinner tonight will be very good. I had been looking for a recipe to use my eggplant with and today I am trying my hand at eggplant lasagna from Big Eats…tiny kitchen.. It smells good and can’t wait for it to get out of the oven. I am also making some grilled chicken that is marinated in Italian seasoning, olive oil and balsamic. We may or may not have a spinach salad with it…we’ll see how hungry we are!

Lookin forward to at least part of tomorrow off and an early morning WoD. Here’s hoping it isn’t too rough!