Paleo Challenge Day 31

Ah – over 30 days into the challenge and no caffeine, even on long days like today.

I began the day with the hash from Sunday in a scramble.  It was very good!  This held me over, with the help of some mint tea, until 8ish when I had my larabar.  Lunch today was a mix of leftovers.  I had a hamburger w/ a slice of bacon and the leftover shredded chicken.  It was good but for some reason I was hungry all day today!  I had a kale chip or two, some pepitas and strawberry flavored cranberries to make it through…and then had some dates w/ almond butter when I got home!  Not sure why I was starving!

Dinner tonight is going to be Beef Chop Suey.  I don’t have a recipe to follow…but we’ll see how it goes.  I’m using baby boc choy, onion, broccoli, beef and bean sprouts.  I’ll be serving it over cauliflower rice (we’re giving it one more change) for myself and real rice for the husband.  I’ll also be using coconut aminos for that soy flavor.  Here’s hoping it goes well…if not – soy may enter the mix, but we’ll try to avoid that.  Crossing my fingers that it works and ready for Crossfit tomorrow!


Paleo Challenge Day 28

Saturday started off well with a trip to Market on the Move, a program where all the produce that can’t be sold to stores are sold to the public for a discount. So – for $10 you get a couple big boxes full of good produce. Today we got butternut squash, acorn squash, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplant.

We skipped breakfast, but made a hash for lunch. I fried up some bacon and then cooked cubed sweet potatoes, bell pepper, shredded carrot and ground turkey in the bacon fat. Then added the crumbled bacon back to it. It was very good with some cumin, chili powder and salt. It will also be great in scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

After the movies, dinner was Asian. I got beef chop shuey. It wasn’t perfectly paleo because the sauce had soy in it, but not a bad compromise. With it being full of veggies and no rice it sure was good.

After dinner we ended up at the casino and I had Starbucks Refresh green tea instead of alcohol.

Looking forward to the cheat meal tomorrow with the Super Bowl. We will be spending it with the neighbors and they will be grilling so most it will be healthy…we’ll just see how it goes with the snacks and drinks 🙂