Paleo Challenge Day 29

Well – today is Super Bowl Sunday and became a super cheat day…

The day started off well enough with us sleeping in and not really being hungry for breakfast. Then, after making a run to the grocery store we figured it was too late to have a “real” meal before heading over to the neighbors for the festivities.  So I had a couple of dates and a cherry pie larabar which was actually really good.  I’m glad I have a few extra for the days that lie ahead.  

Then, came the party.  We brought our own steaks that I seasoned with a good dry rub and they got grilled to perfection.  The issues came when the chips came out along with guacamole (nice and paleo) and 7-layer dip (not so paleo).  I used bell pepper and cucumber for dipping some of the time, but I did definitely have some chips…and some cheese dip.  I also had a bite of a baked fruit crumble and of a cupcake, but am glad I didn’t eat real servings of either of those.  We were stuffed!  Then…we came home and made popcorn…and I had a couple of sour gummy worms.  I know – worst most sugar laden thing possible.  My stomach is not happy about everything that happened today so here’s hoping that will teach me a lesson.  

We didn’t go overboard on bread or anything, but as far as cheat days go that I have had on this adventure so far, it’s been the biggest.  Looking forward to getting back to good real food tomorrow and to get back into Crossfit!


Paleo Challenge Day 22

Well…today was a cheat meal day…

Breakfast was nice and healthy leftovers from yesterday and boy are those paleo breakfast bars good. After one of those with some extra strawberries and a date or two I got ready to go to the grocery store.

Tonight’s meal was going to be a mix of paleo staples and very non paleo items. While cookin I had just a little shredded rotisserie chicken. So glad that Fry’s sells shredded rotisserie chicken. I would much rather pay the extra and save myself the hassle and mess of shredding my own chicken.

Dinner tonight was started with a couple of appetizers. We had bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almonds (of which I had 2) and yellow peppers stuffed with organic raw cheddar cheese and wrapped in bacon (of which I had 1). The main meal was my zucchini pesto “pasta” with realm pasta on the side. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were over and they love…Love…the chipotle penne pasta I make. It was inspired by a meal I had at Restaurante Allegria in Napa. It is a chipotle cream sauce with corn, sundried tomatoes, shredded chicken, basil and nitrate free bacon. We paired that with some great rosé wine. This is probably the biggest cheat I’ve had. After dinner…a small slice of banana creme pie – oh my. I also made some paleo cookies I found on paleOMG – one of my favorite blogs ever! I cooked them a little too long and replaced the sun butter with almond butter but even the non-paleo people in the group liked them.

Looking forward to a fun filled WoD tomorrow!

Paleo Challenge Day 15

Well…not a great paleo day. I am keepin this blog to keep myself honest so I am not going to try and sugar coat things to make it appear that I am doing 100%.

The morning started off well. We woke up early and went to have breakfast with my parents. I got an omelet with ham and bell pepper and fruit as my only side. Well – when the fruit came out it was not the fresh fruit I was expecting. It was instead mandarin oranges, grapes and pineapple that appeared to be from a can. Needless to say I went without the fruit as it was covered in that fresh from a can syrup.

After that we came home and did some much needed catching up on our DVR. Around 11 I was getting a lil hungry so I had a key lime larabar! Then, around 1230 we decided to get outta the house and go for a walk downtown. We parked on 4th ave, walked to the university, then back up 4th and up through Congress (the main street downtown). Halfway through I got thirsty so we grabbed some fresh juice. I had them use carrot, apple, celery and tomato. It was actually quite good.

After the walk the husband and I decided on grabbing a quick drink. I had a vodka+soda water with muddled strawberries and mint. It was very good. Then – the rest of the day was spent between family and then doing karaoke with a friend. During that time i had one more drink and he rest of the time it was soda water with lemon and lome for me. Great way to look like you’re drinking with everyone else when you aren’t.

Needless to say it was 9pm before were finally able to get dinner and we were starving. The husband chose El Güero Canelo for dinner. It’s a Mexican “fast food” type place here in Tucson but much higher quality and more authentic than your traditional fast food. I ended up with a carne asada burrito with only meat and cabbage inside. Although I should have discarded the entire tortilla to have a shot at staying paleo I did not. I threw away probably 85% of it; however, I didn’t get rid of it all. After all of this cheating this weekend with bad carbs and liquor I am definitely looking forward to a much cleaner week.