Paleo Challenge Day 29

Well – today is Super Bowl Sunday and became a super cheat day…

The day started off well enough with us sleeping in and not really being hungry for breakfast. Then, after making a run to the grocery store we figured it was too late to have a “real” meal before heading over to the neighbors for the festivities.  So I had a couple of dates and a cherry pie larabar which was actually really good.  I’m glad I have a few extra for the days that lie ahead.  

Then, came the party.  We brought our own steaks that I seasoned with a good dry rub and they got grilled to perfection.  The issues came when the chips came out along with guacamole (nice and paleo) and 7-layer dip (not so paleo).  I used bell pepper and cucumber for dipping some of the time, but I did definitely have some chips…and some cheese dip.  I also had a bite of a baked fruit crumble and of a cupcake, but am glad I didn’t eat real servings of either of those.  We were stuffed!  Then…we came home and made popcorn…and I had a couple of sour gummy worms.  I know – worst most sugar laden thing possible.  My stomach is not happy about everything that happened today so here’s hoping that will teach me a lesson.  

We didn’t go overboard on bread or anything, but as far as cheat days go that I have had on this adventure so far, it’s been the biggest.  Looking forward to getting back to good real food tomorrow and to get back into Crossfit!