Paleo Challenge Day 26

Almost done with the week! Work has been crazy these past few days and I am really hoping that I can get to crossfit tomorrow, but it’s looking like I may not be. If not – guess I’ll have to find some way to get a workout this weekend.

Breakfast today was nice and simple. Two eggs scrambled with the left over bacon from last night. That held me off until around 9ish when I had the final pieces of strawberry breakfast bread. Yes – today was a leftover kind of day. Lunch…the last stuffed chicken breast that was left over with 1/2 a sweet potato. I also brought a snack for the afternoon: pepitas, almonds and dried cranberries that were soaked in strawberry juice that I got at the farmers market last week. They are soooo good!

Dinner tonight should be interesting. I have never tried to make this before, but everyone on the paleo challenge facebook page raves about it. I am making Everyday Paleo’s Better Butter Chicken. It has lots of spices, tomato paste and coconut milk so here’s hoping it tastes as good as everyone raves! I’ll be pairing that with steamed red chard and cauliflower rice (although the non-paleo person in the house will be having regular white rice). I’m looking forward to it!

One thing that I haven’t mentioned on here that I seem to have every single day is decaf tea. When we started the challenge they said that caffeine was allowed, but we should have it in small quantities. Also, they mentioned that coffee should be more of a treat than a daily thing. So – I decided to kick my HUGE caffeine habit and I think it has been going well. The decaf tea in the morning helps to get me up with something nice and hot and I really haven’t missed the pick me up that coffee gave me. After that first day of withdraw headaches I have been doing great!